Monday, June 6, 2016

The Top 5 Spring 2016 Nail Trends to Try Right Now

New Sephora Summer Polishes have arrived
The French manicure is becoming chic with a few major  tweaks. The main one consists of the line across the top of your nail shouldn't have a natural. Instead, the color should be unexpected. At Monique Lhuillier's spring 2016 show, manicurist Gina Edwards created Kelly-green tips with a sheer pink base. She also painted the design freehand, but French-manicure stencil stickers (available at any local drugstore) are great for creating a crisp line.

Put googly eyes on anything and instantly, it gets adoration. However, the manicure at Adam Selman's spring 2016 show, it was cool  showing a bit more than adoration. Manicurist Madeline Poole utilized four-millimeter nailheads dipped in navy polish to stamp perfect circles on bare nails. "Stick the point into an eraser so you're not holding something sharp," she says.

We have come along way from the basic reds and pinks, this muted version of the classic spring pastel. Narciso Rodriguez's fall 2016 show nail art was unexpected and cool. Almost every major nail brand launched a few of these dusty shades this season as a segue to summer brights.

At Marissa Webb's spring 2016 show, the minimalist line created a big impact along with the vertical stripe (painted with a striping brush) Miss Pop executed at Marissa Webb's spring 2016 show. By huge effect, she means making nails longer. It's like wearing Gianvito Rossi stilettos on your fingertips.

This color  is slightly brighter than the brooding jewel tones that normally accents the winter nail wardrobe. We ascertained that this color is very vibrant during the day and opulent at night. It's like nail magic. Last seen at Jenny Packham's spring 2016 show.

You can create all the nail trends using Sephora polish we recommend that you get these looks now because you can get 10% Cash back with Sephora online coupon  click on the coupons and cash back banner for savings. Garnish nails like a summer cocktail with bright and fruity shades 🍉  These nail colors are amazing for the summer. So get a jump start on summer with these looks.

                                                                                                                                       Azhar Harris

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Behind the Scenes “Holiday Issue”

Constance (Genivieve McCormick) 
We just wrapped up an exhausting 12 hour shoot for the cover story Fashionistas Night. The premise of this he premise of tomorrow photo shoot is surrounding Constance (Genivieve McCormick) meet up with her girlfriend Raquel for a New Year's Eve (NYE) Celebration. The editorial involves five scenes. The initial scene involves Constance trying on her various look and attempting to settle on the perfect look. Constance finally finds her dream dress for this gala. The dress was designed by Deborah Lindquist who has created garments for celebrities at the Oscar’s and the Grammy’s. The final scene involves meeting up with BFF Racquel for a ruckus New Year’s Eve Celebration. To see this wonderful story, you must purchase the issue when it is published.

Genivieve as Constance was delightful as she unfolds and blossoms into a beautiful princess as the evening progresses. Hopefully, she will find her prince charming at this NYE celebration. She will be fabulously dressed in her pursuit of this conquest. The issue hits newsstands on November 5, 2015. The issue can also be found at Fashion Couture Magazine website clicking the "Buy Now" link or

Photography by Barry Druxman                                                  Fashion Couture Magazine 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Jasmine Takes Center Stage!

Jasmine  in a white lace mini dress
Stunning Fashion blogger Jasmine Tosh Stewart specializes in Contemporary, Urban, and Couture Fashion. She also specializes in Swimwear and Travel. Speaking of travel, Jasmine has went to the Virgin Islands modeling wonderful swimwear. She has been to New York Fashion Week to attend the Jeremy Scott Show. She is a person on the go who loves fashion. Her creative stylistic genius is felt by brands such as Bebe, Steve Madden, Lipsy London Swimwear, Express, Beach Bunny Swimwear, and several other brands.  She is pictured here wearing Short white lace dress camel heels. Summer clothing women apparel @roressclothes closet ideas style. This look is incredible and can be worn on a nice spring day or a special date night. The look is both fun and flirty. The confident woman will make a statement when she enters a room wearing this sexy white lace mini dress. White lace is also a very popular trend for this season. Further, the outfit is magnificently accessorized with nude wedgie shoes.From top to bottom Jasmine looks fabulous.What an outstanding garment.

Jasmine is wearing a stunning cover up by Lotta Stensson
Jasmine and her partner in crime stylist Fancy James have made Miami a new hotbed for Fashion in the South East. They really know fashion and blogging s there business. Jasmine is pictured here wearing the designs of Lotta Stensson. There magnificent cover up can be seen throughout South Beach.

Jasmine is also a contributor for Fashion Couture Magazine writing about wedding jewelry in our most recent Bridal Issue. She is our IT girl in Fashion. Who knows what fabulous piece that she will blog about next? Please follow her on her blog Jasmine Tosh Lately, Instagram, and Facebook.

                                                                                             Fashion Couture Magazine

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Fashion Couture Magazine’s (FCM) First Annual Fashionista Blogger Award for 2015.

Fashion Couture Magazine has selected as one of our five fashionista bloggers of the year 2015. You were chosen based on style and aesthetics of your blog. We will select one winner to be featured in our Jan. 2016 issue. Also, you will be a major contributor for the magazine and our blog FCM Style. Our periodical, FCM Magazine showcases and embraces the International and national fashion designers, beauty, and accessory professionals. We have selected 5 fashion bloggers who exemplify our aesthetics.

Jessica R of Hapa Time
One of the featured nominees is the lovely blogger Jessica R of Hapa Time who has a background in Creative Advertising and Art then juxtaposing her passion for fashion creating the fashion blog Hapa Time. Jessica is pictured in the stunning red maxi dress with the balloons. Her journey also began in 2011 with Initially in 2009, Jessica noticed people posting photos of their clothing on She was stunned at how perfect everyone was, and how professional too. She decided not to take her own photos after browsing through their website.

By chance, Jessica stumbled upon possibly through, one of her favorite beauty sites. Chictopia is a wonderful fashion site. And it was also a lot less intimidating. So in September 2011, Jessica started taking pictures of her various clothing looks. She had a few hits and lots of misses.  Subsequently, she got discouraged in 2 months. Then, Jessica  started her own blog at Hapa Time on BlogSpot. She does not know why being discouraged by Chictopia led me here!!  But, Jessica thinks that she knew this blog would give her more freedom to be creative fashionably.

Kristina Bazan of Kayture
The other featured fashion blogger is Kristina of Kayture by Kristina Bazan. Founded in 2011 by Kristina Bazan and her partner James Chardon, Kayture is the most influential blog in Switzerland, and one of the biggest names worldwide thanks to its vast international reach.  Kristina is alone making Geneva, Switzerland, the French-speaking fashion capital of the world with her je ne sais quoi” or IT girl influence. Kristina is wearing multiple hats for this blog. She is an influencer, model, stylist, creative director. She exemplifies the European elegant and luxurious style, by wearing and working high fashion brands ranging from Louis Vuitton, Dolce&Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent and Dior to Mango, Guess, and Jimmy Choo. She is also picture in this article wearing stunning white dress.

To vote for all nominees, you must go to the Fashion Couture Fan page like the image and leave a comment to have your vote counted.

FCM is available in print and on-line versions. FCM Magazine is also accessible to mobile devices, IPAD, Kindle, and Blackberry Playbook. We domestically only promote events in New York and Los Angeles. Click on the Magzter banner to purchase a single copy or subscribe to our magazine

Good luck nominees get the vote out. The contest starts September 30, 2015 thru December 31, 2015 Be sure to like our Facebook fan page before you like the nominees Image to have your vote counted.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Never Give Up on Chasing your Dream

Elaine Harris age 34 and mother of a 2.5 year old daughter decided to take a chance and enter Top Model UK 2014contest. With a background in sales and marketing and no previous modeling experience, she did not even think that she had a chance to win. But, this opportunity changed her life. For example, Elaine made it to the finals eliminating 4000 other contestants. She did not win the contest. But, the media was so compelled by her story with jobs beginning to flood her facebook fan page. Further, Elaine was given numerous magazine covers. Ms. Harris modelled for Swedish brand Thule for an international campaign covering Europe & America and for an Italian bag company Fullspot with the pictures being shown internationally as far as Australia. There was then an Aha moment when she realized that it was now or never in becoming a fashion model. Subsequently, Elaine decided to quit her sales and marketing position to pursue fashion modeling full time. 

Other accomplishments include her debuted at London Fashion Week and her success story was shared in many articles and on media sites in New York. Elaine made the
100 impact list' for 2014, for Scottish people who inspire, challenge us and change our world. Ms. Harris was ranked no. 65 in-between Brian Cox and Alan Cummings. Then she modelled for Honda Europe. She has also signed for new luxury boating company, Glider Yachts for 3 years as their face model. Elaine will be with the boat next month when it debuts in Monaco. On my return, she is starting as a blogger for the Herald newspaper about her adventures as a model. Elaine shared her story to inspire others to never give up on their dreams. Her life changed at blink of the eye. She is content pursuing her dream as a fashion model.

I am really excited about what the future holds, I have so many amazing projects in the pipeline and I am enjoying every minute of the whirlwind

Fashion Couture Magazine

Photography by Lawrence Juliussen