Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Makeup Tips for Tanned Skin

Chicago, Illinois

Hey FCM readers, it is that time year again. Those long hot summer days does so much damage to our skin so it’s is a bit tricky when putting on your make-up with tanned skin. Here are a few quick tips for applying make-up on tanned skin.

With an even tan, there is no need to consume numerous types of matte cosmetic products such as foundations and powders.

The tan alone will conceal the skin imperfections. Only light-textured blush and powder should be applied.

Sunscreen should also be used with use high SPF sunscreens as well as foundation and powder with UV-filters. This will help combat the oily sheen in your skin.

Soft natural colors of lipsticks and eye shadows to better enhance your beautiful golden tan. Nude shades of lipstick are the perfect option for summer lip makeup. To add volume to your lips use lip gloss with SPF and UV filters.

Stay cool while looking fabulous…Ciao.

Azhar Harris

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