Monday, June 4, 2012

Yunes Swathe Female Handbags

The Yunes Swathe brand creates some highly unique shaped handbags for women to wear casually or formally. Two feminine handbags in particular are called the Empire Bag and the Rich Bag. Both bags are made in New York using all natural cowhide leather. The interior of these bags are infused with a bright color creating a bold fashion statement. The color splash inside makes this bag perfect for spring and summer months!

The Empire Bag is inspired by the Empire State building, which explains the way it is shaped. The buckle of the straps and the triangular zippers are similar to the building and that is what makes this bag have high quality class. Aside from the unique look this bag has, it can be worn for a number of different occasions. Though meant for females, some males use it as a bag for storage. This bag can be used as a carry on in an airplane, or can be dressed up with some bold jewelry. The best feature this bag has is the coloring. The dark exterior and bright interior is beneficial to use during any season of the year!

Though the Rich Bag is geared toward men, women love to use this handbag for different occasions. The Rich Bag is not modeled after a building, but it does have an old-style look mixed with modern class. I like this bag because it can be used as a type of briefcase or a handbag for a professional business office. The bag is luxurious and can fit a significant number of items in it. Like the Empire Bag, the Rich Bag can be used year-round with its leather exterior and bright interior.

These unique bags are great conversation starters and are beneficial to use in everyday life. Yunes Swathe also created a nifty style guide that can be found here. The guide can help think of daily outfits that are great to wear with these handbags. Look out for the Yunes Swathe handbags featured in the July 2012 Super Heroine and Villainesses Issue!

Jennifer Novoseletsky

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