Friday, December 23, 2016

Tips On Pulling A Fabulous Fashion Act Together

Stylist Stephanie Shepherd glaming Kim Kardashian West
Girl, are you intelligent, funny with a fab personality and an eye for the newest fashion trends but need a little help pulling it all together? Look no further, here are some tips on pulling together the right look.

Your personal style speaks volumes about who you are so let’s not blow it after you’ve spent your hard earned money on the latest new trends!

The key to putting together a great outfit is risky and simple. The rule of thumb is balance and “less is more.”

Choose one “wow” item and build around it. For example, if you have this absolutely fabulous piece of jewelry that you mush show off, try wearing it with a simple black dress. Black flatters just about all figures without overwhelming the look of your jewelry.

Want to show off your new elaborately stitched jeans? A solid shirt paired with heels works well with decorated jeans. If the design on the jeans is too busy the shirt will tone it down some.

How about those new bright pink pumps? You can’t go wrong by complimenting the shoes with a pair of solid black jeans and white shirt. Black jeans and solid colored shirt matches well with any brightly colored pumps.

And what about those gold sequin flats that you just couldn’t pass up? Petal-pushers and a simple shirt are ideal compliments for your golden feet.

The key is to pick one item and build around it. Don’t just stick with one look. Be glamour one day and urban the next.

Take the time to educate yourself on different styles. Learn how to draw inspiration from your favorite looks of past eras.

Fashion is about confidence. If you feel great in an outfit, others will feel your vibes. And if you don’t feel confident, fake it! Whether you are 18 or 50, take pride in your appearance and it’s important to feel comfortable in your style.

Glam Celebrity Hairstyles for 2017

With  Christmas coming in two days, for the Christmas dinner you need a new hairstyle. Your Holiday outfit will be complete only if your look is slaying and your hairstyle is glam. Once you have picked out the killer outfit your next step is to coordinate it with a lovely hairstyle. Here are some celebrity inspired formal hairstyles for 2017.

Lea Seydoux Medium Loose Curls

Medium haircuts in ombre hair colors are very posh and fashionable. If you have gone for mdi-length haircut and want to style it in an elegant hairdo, then take an example from Lea Seydoux. This stunning lady rocks loose curls inspired by the vintage Marline Monroe style. However, her hairdo is more attractive and modern. The deep and polished parting on the top and the face framing curls on one side are all you need to take your medium haircut to a festive level.

Emma Watson Twisted Updo Hairstyle

In case your favorite hairstyle idea for special events is updo, consider Emma Watson’s elegant twisted updo hairstyle. She has gone for a polished and cozy hairdo to draw attention to her super seductive face. It’s a combination of twists and braids gathered on the back part and secured with bobby pins. She has even pulled off her bangs for a neater and more elegant look.

Ana Beatriz Messy Side Braid Hairstyle

Ana Beatriz is a beautiful lady with bronde hair, which suits her complexion very much. This hair color becomes fancier with this side messy braid. In spite of being so simple it’s still a sophisticated and formal hairstyle to wear for holidays. Almost all long-haired women can pull it off. You can just pay special attention to your bangs if you want to get a tidier result.

Kim Kardashian Low Bun Hairstyle

One of Kim’s favorite hair trends is the sleek bun whether low or high. Lately she prefers center parted low buns which display her face shape. You can wear it even on greasy hair, which means that you have something cool for your late evenings too. Low sleek buns are very seductive and comfy hairdos.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hair Styles Online: The Power You Always Wanted

Eye-Length Fringe 
Looking for hair styles on magazines is starting to become quite obsolete, wouldn't you think? I think you do, if not why else would you be reading this, right? Hahaha. I guess we understand ourselves then. With the internet we can all look for hair styles online with no cost any time we want! Plus we can have a direct contact with the pros because we can email them any question we would like them to answer or anything we would like to share with them.

Talk about convenience. It's never been easier to look for tips on how to get the right hair cut or hair do you need. You can virtually learn anything you want to know about hair cut styles, latest trends in hair ideas and the newest professional hair products in a matter of seconds. All that power! On the tips of your fingers…

Type in hair styles in Google's search engine and look for the total number of results. As of now, the results reach a number of more than twenty million. TWENTY MILLION! That’s a hell of a lot of web pages just on hair styles. I bet that’s more than the number of magazines with famous hair styles you and all your friends together can buy in over a hundred years! I think that’s enough proof that the internet is a good source of information on hair cuts.

You can find nifty how-to's for almost any hair cut or hair highlights you want to have, articles about latest trends in hair dos, information on the different types of hair, different hair styles and much much more! It's like a candy store for anyone hungry for new tips and advice to look good.