Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Check out this Annabelle Cosmetics Video!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Makeup Trends!

You know it's Summer when the nights get longer, skin gets darker, hair gets lighter, and makeup gets brighter! The topic for today is Summer's hottest makeup trend which is bright and neon cosmetic colors! This look is perfect for daytime and nighttime and for women of any age. This look is simple to accomplish all you need is black top eyeliner for a cate eye effect, mascara, and a bright lip. What I would recommend for a bright hot pink lip is Make Up For Ever's Aqua Rouge in Fuschia. The Aqua Rouge color is definitely fun and sexy for this summer and is also waterproof so you can wear it to the beach and not worry about smudges! Let me know what you think of this look!
-Denise Ferguson
Beauty Editor

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Teaser For July’s Magazine Issue Starring Lush Cosmetic!

Lush is a fresh handmade cosmetic line that does not conduct animal testing, uses only vegetarian ingredients, and their products are from fresh organic fruit and vegetables, etc. Lush’s handmade cosmetics range from bathing products to makeup and even perfumes.
When I began talking to Lush’s public relations team I was very excited for their products to be starred in our July issue.  One of the products I was given was the liquid red lipstick called Ambition.

The color alone is a gorgeous bold red and right away I knew this is the product I wanted to showcase as a teaser before July’s issue. Lush’s lipsticks have jojoba oil, rose wax and candelilla wax base, which I found out, soften dry lips. Not only that but I found out that the lipstick can be used as a blush also, amazing right?  Just a simple dab on your fingers and rub it in!
I called up a few friends and together we had out own little photo-shoot! Katherine McFarland is the talented photographer and the gorgeous model is Erin Peters.

Since the color is so vibrant I knew I wanted to keep the eyes simple by using an off white eye shadow and black eyeliner as the cat eye. Instead of using lip liner I traced her lips with an eyeliner brush to keep the lipstick in place. This look is so gorgeous and simple I strongly recommend this product to anyone! This look is for any age and is perfect for this summer.

Start the weekend off right and try this look tonight! Tell me what you think of the trend and of course any questions I will be glad to answer!

Denise Ferguson
Beauty Editor

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Orange Cosmetics Are Trending!

Lately I noticed that models, celebrities, and now cosmetic stores are all in favor of the orange look. This tangerine trend is very vibrant and makes a statement for this summer. Either if the orange cosmetic line comes in blush, lipstick, or eyeshadow it gives the perfect glow. Keep the orange lip simple with a mascara and black top eyeliner. If you choose to go with a orange, or coral blush keep the lip simple. This look works best if you focus on one area of the face (cheeks, lip, eyes) so it doesn't become over whelming. Start the summer off with a new and daring look, I guarantee you will love it! What do you think about this look?

Denise Ferguson
Beauty Editor

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bright Eyeliner Hot Off The Runway

Bright eyeliner is in for this summer and I could not be more excited! Either if it is a bright orange, white, yellow, or turquoise it is fun and easy to do. Turquoise eyeliner is trending in all the runways and not to mention great for tan or pale skin. Create a cat eye look with the turquoise color and it will definitely make a bold statement. Remember to not apply to many different colors onto the face or else the colors will conflict with one another. I would suggest a simple nude matte eye shadow, light pale pink blush, mascara, and a nude lip. Want to make it more dramatic? Add false eyelashes it will definitely make a statement and this look is perfect for day or night! What do you think about this look?
 Denise Ferguson
Beauty Editor

Make A Statement Today With A Red Lip! Here Is How

Before starting the red lip the foundation should be already on. The red lip actually stays on longer if there is foundation on your lips so don't be afraid to lightly brush foundation along your lips. Secondly, use a red lip liner similar to your red lipstick and trace the lip line. Now you can apply the red lipstick but what I would suggest is to use a brush because I find that easier. Now your dramatic lip is completed for this casual sunny day! What do you think of this timeless look?

Denise Ferguson 
Beauty Editor

Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday's Trending Makeup Look

The weekend is over which means we are back to Monday! What a perfect way to start the week off with a natural look for this lovely sunny day. Either you are soaking up the sun or soon to be off work, the "natural look" would look best. Take these simple tips to end your Monday right. First you want to make your skin look as natural as possible by using an all over foundation. For your cheeks choose a pinkish brownish blush, that will soften up the look and add color. To create the eye look use a matte color eye shadow and blend the corner of the eye with a dark gray. Blending is key for this look so you can make it look smokey without having the eyes look very dark. You can apply the same eye shadow you used for the crease for your eyeliner. If you want to stand out use a white eye liner that will draw attention to your eyes. Lastly, use a nude pink to your lips and there you have your "natural look" of the day!

Denise Ferguson
Beauty Editor

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Check out the "Behind the Scenes" Corsets Couture editorial will be featured in our May Issue

April 24, 2013

Madrid Spain Fashion photographer Julian Bern depicts this magnificent story "Corset Couture"  where past and present go hand and hand. Formerly this garment only used as undergarments. Now the corset takes the street, to define a brave woman, modern and knows what he wants. there is a corset for every occasion, do you dare? Check out our cool Behind-the-Scenes video. Azhar Harris


FCM gets Casey Anthony star for the Couture Issue

April 24, 2013

Virginia Welch actress featured in the Casey Anthony story that aired on the Lifetime movie was recently our cover model for the upcoming May “Couture Issue”. Here are is a teaser from interview:

Virginia Welch shooting the May Issue of FCM
FCM-What projects [that you can discuss] are planned since the airing of "Prosecuting Casey Anthony?"
Virginia Welch-I'm definitely hitting the pavement a lot for pilot season, but I'm also working on my own projects.  I like the idea of having a strong base of knowledge in all areas of the film industry. I just shot and produced an action short. I'm getting a taste of what it’s like to produce and act in a project.  I'm working at being a "jack of all trades."

FCM- You have such glowing skin, especially for living in high sunshine states like Texas & California -- what are some of your beauty regimes/secrets?

Virginia Welch-I took my Granny's advice: don't bake in the sun and always wear something with SPF on your face. I moisturize like crazy, too, but I think it's also really important to work from the inside out by eating healthy food, drinking lots of water, and staying active. For more of her interview and cover story, please check out the May Issue hitting newsstands on the first of the month.  Asha Spacek  asha@fashionchicagomagazine.com

Check out FCM photographer Lisa Ormsby and crew  Behind the Scenes on location for the "Couture Issue" cover and editorial.