Friday, May 20, 2011

Lady Gaga Buzzing in Black

London, England

Lady Gaga really knows how to make an entrance. Recently, she left a London hotel wear a white monochrome circle dress made by designer Liz Black. She came out resembling a nun. But, don’t let her appearance fool you, she is quite the trendy fashionistas who does not mind being bold or daring in her appearance. This Liz Black dress is minimal and stunning with a circular shape. The garment is also part of her Fall-Winter 2011 collection.

Designer Liz Black is a fashion fringe finalist. She maintains that Lady Gaga has always been an inspiration to her. Liz is truly moved a flattered that Gaga is wearing one of her garments in this years collection. This piece is from Liz Black’s debut collection which is inspired by a futuristic theme with minimal items.

FCM will continue to follow Liz Black as she ascends through the Fashion Fringe competition. We wish her the best of luck. I hope she wins the competition. Her new collection is very creative and wearable.

Azhar Harris