Saturday, March 26, 2011

It’s Retro for fall 2011

Regardless of style and budget, the staple fashion accessory is beauty. Clothing constantly changes, beauty trends have the tendency to last longer. In fact, beauty trends often go beyond the normal trends evolving into one’s personal style. Fall 2011 does not disappoint. The 2011 collections are beauty’s inspired that are wearable and adaptable. The beauty trend is ‘90s inspired with afresh, modern and updated twist.

Retro beauty is the recurring theme, but each designer must recreate this style to make it appealing to a modern audience. The fall 2011 catwalks had a strong showing of retro-inspired beauty that resembled the ‘60s in New York fashion week. The retro theme then moved on to the European fashion shows. The retro theme is eclectic with mod and flower power inspirations and ranging from ‘40s and ‘50s glamour to ‘90s grunge.

The most prominent retro look of the season was Peter Philips for Jil Sander. His retro beauty look very polished and controlled reminding you of Alfred Hitchcock’s stunning iconic leading ladies like Grace Kelly, Kim Novak, and Tippi Hedren. Philips brilliantly creates this pristine look resulting in a flawless demi-matte complexion. Peter uses a cool shade of aqua eyeliner across the eyelid, finished off with perfect lashes and impeccably groomed eyebrows. The look is accentuated with red lips. Hair is coiffed and perfectly lacquered. Diane Von Furstenberg has a 50s chic look. Gucci had‘70s twist on ‘40s glamour .The look consisted of metallic doe-eyed lids with exaggerated lashes and deep burgundy stained lips. Then we have the most popular retro beauty trends a modern soft slept-in look reminisce of ‘60s sex-kitten. This look was seen at Carolina Herrera, Burberry and Dolce & Gabbana shows.

Azhar Harris