Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Resort Issue is Hot!

We had the pleasure of working with two International swimwear designers Lybethras and Boobah in our upcoming Resort Issue for FCM Magazine’s in December. They both cater to the unique style of the fashionable woman who has various body types. These collections are customized using vibrant hues and stylish fabrics. The swimwear designs are made with the woman individual style in mind.

             Lybethras Swimwear
Brazilian designer Luciana Martinez had a passion for fashion since age 6, she started Lybethras in 2002. Luciana after looking at the current swimwear designs, she noticed that they were not fashionable. Therefore, she had a notion of creating a more stylish swimwear collection for woman using more vibrant colors and prints. Further, Lybethras designs tops and bottoms separately to achieve the perfect fit for each woman’s unique silhouette.

Model Yana wearing the Cintia bikini

The Lybethras swimwear collection has been worn by celebrities Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Anniston, Stacy Keibler, and Fergie. This collection is sold on-line at It is also sold at luxury boutiques in 22 countries worldwide.

              Boobah Swimwear

Australian designer Nira created Boobah swimwear in 1994. The name “Boobah” is a Hebrew term meaning doll. It is also a term of endearment used for beauty. Nira believes that swimwear should fit the contour of a woman’s body. Boobah uses Lycra products to create custom swimwear. The swimwear ranges from the one piece bikini to micro bikinis. She has an assortment of cover ups for these bikinis in the Boobah collection.
Model Misty wearing a Boobah bikini

The Boobah swimwear collection has been seen on NBC’s Today Show and Miami Fashion Week. It is sold in Brisbane Australia, Miami, London and Canada at various locations in stores and boutiques.

The Resort Issue is our annual swimwear magazine devoted to bikinis and luxury. FCM features in this issue the hottest swimwear at the most exotic luxury locations. Get your copy on December 1, 2012 at newsstands in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.    Azhar Harris

Photo Credits (Lybethras):

Model: Yana Jones at Wilhelmina Denver
Makeup Artist &Hair Stylist: Ashley Gannon
Wardrobe Stylist: Ali Levine of Ali Levine Design
Assistant Wardrobe Stylist: Rachel Pollen
Intern: Jennifer Rose
Photographer: Jen Hernandez

Photo Credits (Boobah):

Model: Misty Stachowski at Wunder Management
Makeup & Hair Stylist:Ana Ramirez
Wardrobe Stylist: Ali Levine ofAli Levine Design
Wardrobe Stylist assistant: Stephanie Stephens
Intern: Darcie Murphy
Photographer: Jen Hernandez
Assistant: Danny Hernandez

Monday, September 3, 2012

Sebon Organic Hair Products

Sebon organic hair products are not only good for your hair, but also come in three delicious smelling flavors. You can choose from papaya, avocado, or mango, all fruits that are good for your skin before even having to put it into any products! These shampoos and conditioners are for different types of hair including thick colored hair, thick, dry, or damaged hair, fine colored hair, or for all kinds of hair types. After using the product, your hair immediately feels silky smooth and completely replenished. Knotty hair is easier to tame and after drying the hair, it leaves a beautiful shine!

The products use no artificial preservatives and are vegan friendly! The ingredients in these products and more fun facts about the healthiness within the bottles of shampoo and conditioner are written right on the bottles themselves. For more information on Sebon Organic hair products and to buy some of your own, visit the website and enjoy! Your hair will be thanking you!

Jennifer Novoseletsky

Friday, August 31, 2012

Mia Mariu mineral eye shadow

Mia Mariu eye shadow is mineral makeup shadow that is good for your skin! These mineral products are not only a lightweight silky powder, but are also long lasting.  According to the Mia Mariu website, the shadows are infused with nourishing vitamins and anti-oxidants to help prevent pores from clogging and less breakouts. The affordable luxury product comes in eight beautiful colors to choose from: Mora, Durazno, Caramelo, Cobre, Aguamarina, Marino, Azabache, and Rosa. The colors are luminous and are great to wear to any event, occasion, or outing of any sort! Visit Mia Mariu's website for more information.









 Jennifer Novoseletsky

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Interview with Liz Black, fashion designer

1) What is your inspiration?
Each season, I am inspired by different things. My first season was about art and photography and the following season, architecture was the main focus. My latest collection, AW 12/13, was inspired initially by the Olympic spirit of London and the atmosphere of the whole city. As a result I looked at Superheroines for their strength and sporty look.

2) What was it like working with Lady Gaga? Where did that inspiration come from?
It was an amazing feeling to see Lady Gaga wearing the iconic circle bow dress! I always had her in the back of my mind when I was designing it. Her stylist spotted it and we have been collaborating since. The inspiration for the dress came from artists, Sophia Delaunay, an Orphist painter who did a lot of work with circular forms.

3) What other celebrities have you worked with? What was it like?
I am very lucky, some great celebrities, including Amber Le Bon and Noemie Lenoir, have worn my collections. My garments have walked down the red carpet at The Brits, The Grammys and Cannes Film Festival. It's great to see my hard work recognised and -most importantly- that people like it!

4) What is in store for the future?
I am working towards developing my label into a high-end luxury brand and will continue to exhibit during London and Paris Fashion Week, with hopes to show in New York in the future. I am always willing to be involved in collaborations as well.

5) What item might you begin donating to breast cancer and how did you decide to do so?
We have designed a luxury, pink garment and will donate a percentage of the profit to breast cancer. Every year we collaborate with a charity, last year we raised money the help victims of the 2011 Japan earthquake and most recently, we’ve also done work with Chamos de Venezuela, a charity that helps deprived children in Venezuela.

To check out more on Liz Black, take a look at her website.

Jennifer Novoseletsky 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Carol Wafer's Interview for FashionGun

1. What is FashionGun and what is your role?
I am the Founder and CEO of FashionGun.

2. How did you build your team to make your vision come true?
It all came together in a fantastically fortuitous fashion ([how is] that for alliteration?). 
Last November, Ian Miller and I founded the company. It was just the two of us for a few months. I knew the basics of what we needed and I had some ideas of whom to bring on. Our lineup of our [monthly] crew has changed a few times since then. They were very talented [people,] but it wasn't the right fit or feel for the company.
Jessica Krantz joined the team and was one of the first co-founders to join and, besides Ian and myself, is the co-founder that has been with us the longest. Jessica got her job by more or less stalking me. I'm joking of course, but she was very persistent and has proved to be one of the best decisions that I have ever made.
I have been very fortunate to find the people that I have.

FashionGun's full cast of characters can be found on

3. How long have you been in the art and then fashion industry?
Ha. A long, long time. I started modeling as a baby/small child. Both of my parents were models and it was a [source] of strain with [my] parents. It was "not the life" my dad wanted for his daughter.
 My mother is a professional artist and I was that kid you see at a gallery opening or an Art gala dressed to the 9s and holding precocious conversations with adults, who thought I was ever so cute and very well bred as well as spoken. I was always at Art events and it is a world I feel has never left my identity.
I started painting in high school but soon lost focus when I began my career as a screenwriter.
Fashion has always been a HUGE part of my life and more importantly who I am. I think I have my father to blame. He had me in Calvin Klein bloomers as a tot and Gucci bags as a teen.
My life has always been about which costume I was going to wear on which day. I think my favorite signature styles from high school were my goth/punk [style,] which gave way to my 1940s swing phase...which never really ended.

After graduating from culinary school with more than a few degrees and accolades I turned my focus back to fashion and re-entered the world of academia. In school I took a class on styling for photography. I felt that for the first time in my life I truly found my calling. It’s one thing to be good at the endeavors one takes on (not to toot my own horn), but it's an entirely different thing to find the thing you excel at above all else. To find a form of art that is your own and to know that your abilities and talent reach far above average, you know you have found love.

Signature Pieces:
Menswear (ties, bow ties, suspenders, hats).
Animal Print (leopard in all colors).
50s and 60s wear.
80s gear updated.
4. Tell me the story about how you got started?

Ian, my life partner, had expressed that he wanted us to work on a project together. He's a tech product manager and it's more or less his scene, a world that I knew VERY little about. I've been an entrepreneur for many years and had companies in many fields so I do know a little something about that end of the game, but not much else. I think my natural talent exists in building powerful teams.
We had a hard time thinking of an idea. He wanted to do something that drew a parallel with my life and career as model and wardrobe stylist.
One night I was going through my inbox of Model Mayhem answering emails from publications and photographers wanting to shoot me. I was frustrated by the site, the way it functions, and the way it malfunctions. There were so many things that I hated about my life on the site. Ian came over to offer assistance in some way. When he looked at the site, the first thing he pointed out, or rather gasped at, was the over all aesthetic of the site. His next words changed my life forever. "Why don't you just create a better model mayhem?"

5. Tell me a story about what has shaped your desire to build a company such as FashionGun?

There have been many reasons why I would have quit. Just dropped FashionGun. So much adversity, so much stress. The feeling of this is never going to happen can be overwhelming and I think it is a normal part of entrepreneurship. The thing that keeps be dedicated is knowing that yes, I am solving a problem that I have, but beyond that I think of my team and I think of my community here is San Diego. I think about all the models, makeup artists, photographers, hair stylists and all the other roles that make up our amazing in industry. I think of little boys in the mid-west who devour Vogue in hopes of being a designer someday. I think of the girl in inner city Nashville who dreams of becoming a makeup artist and watches Project Runway like it's going out of style. I think of the high schooler who would love to grow up for a career in fashion but has no idea how to get there or what is even out there.
I started for FashionGun for me. For my needs. But I stay because I love it, and because I have created something bigger than me. Something bigger than all of us here at FashionGun. I awakened this sleeping giant and I'm so ecstatic to know that I am actually doing something that in some way makes the world a better place.

6. What is in FashionGun's future?

To disrupt the world of tech and take the fashion world by storm. FashionGun will always work tirelessly to stay the best and give the most.

Interviewed by Jessica Krantz, Co-founder of FashionGun. Edited by Jennifer Novoseletsky.

Jennifer Novoseletsky

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Olivia Munn to be featured in the August Issue

Featured in FCM Magazine's August Femme Fashion Issue is talented and stunning model and actress, Olivia Munn. Remember to pick up an August Issue and read up on the star of "Magic Mike," "The Babymakers," and the HBO series, "The Newsroom." This young woman is full of talent and desire to work hard for her viewers to appreciate what she is best at. Rock on, Olivia Munn!

Olivia Munn wowing fans and paparazzi on the Red Carpet at the ESPY Awards.

Jennifer Novoseletsky

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

An exclusive regarding the Marilyn Monroe Exhibit in the September Red Carpet Issue

A writer from The Hollywood Reporter sent Gus Castaneda, FCM photographer a hot exclusive on the Marilyn Monroe exhibit in the Hollywood Museum! Readers and followers, make sure to pick up the September Red Carpet Issue to see the interview!

Jennifer Novoseletsky

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fashion Couture Magazine's 100th Facebook Fan Trivia Contest!

The title says it all! Fashion Couture magazine just reached its 100th Facebook fan and we want to thank you with a chance to win a prize!  To show our appreciation, we are creating a trivia contest. We will announce and then get in touch with the lucky winner and him or her a prize!!! Thank you for all the support!!! Good luck!

Who was famous for popularising the 'little black dress' in the 1920s?

Jennifer Novoseletsky

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fashion Couture Magazine Model Contest

Fashion Couture Magazine (FCM) invites you to participate in our 2013 Fashion Model Search. We are looking for the next top female model to be featured in our magazine in 2013. To enter, submit your top modeling photo to our Facebook fan page and simply have your friends vote for your picture by clicking "like." The deadline for the competition is December 31, 2012. The model picture with the most "likes" will be featured in our future Issues. Models must reside in Los Angeles, San Diego, Milan, Turin, London, New York, London, Scotland, Portugal, and Madrid to participate in this contest.

1.Click "like" on our Facebook fan page at
 2. Submit a high fashion photo wearing a dress or gown. Simply email us at with your information. We will tag this photo to our wall. Spread the word to your fans to like our page and vote for you. Good Luck!
 3. Send us any additional information, if you have a fan page to display also.

All participants must "like" the Fashion Couture Magazine fan page
Voters must also "like" our page in order for their vote to count
One picture must be submitted
The winners of this competition will be notified via email

Grand Prize:
Photo-shoot wetup
Feature cover of  Fashion Couture Magazine
A six-page spread on our Bridal Issue for April 2013
An online featured article for Fashion Couture Magazine

Second Place:
A four-page spread on our Bridal Issue for April 2013
An online featured article for Fashion Couture Magazine

Third Place:
A guaranteed spread in our future publication for Fashion Couture Magazine

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

News and Updates

FCM has so many new updates and activities that the team is fulfilling! Becky Oraham, public relations specialist recently had the opportunity to be interviewed all the way from Austin, Texas by Megan Schiebe. They discussed what Fashion Chicago Magazine represents and the most recent trends that FCM has been posting. To find out other details of the interview, listen here!

We are still presenting the Most Fashionable City Contest. Make sure to click our Facebook fan page and find the album of the Most Fashionable City Contest. The photo that is liked the most, wins the contest and will be featured in the September Issue!

As many of you hopefully know, we have just launched Fashion Couture Magazine, presenting all international fashion! Check out the previous blog post and follow us on our new TwitterPinterest, and Facebook!

We are going to launch a new store called the FCM Glam Store! Coming in the next week or two, we will begin selling fashionable products to fans and shoppers!

Make sure to check out the July Issue to see our feature on Madeline Stowe! Similar to this feature, in the August Issue, we will have a feature on Olivia Munn. She is in the new movie, "Magic Mike" and the HBO television series "The Newsroom."

As of August 2012 the FCM Magazine can be purchased at the following places:
1. Smoke Signals, San Francisco, CA
2. Daily Planet, Los Angeles, CA
3. Book Soup, Los Angeles, CA
4. City Newsstand, Chicago, IL (both locations)
5. Around the World, New York City, NY

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Fashion Couture Magazine!

Fashion Chicago Magazine is very pleased and honored to introduce Fashion Couture Magazine! Follow us on TwitterPinterest (which will be updated slowly but surely), and Facebook!

We are going to be an internationally based magazine. Like us and follow us and look out for fashion from all around the world!
Jennifer Novoseletsky

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Most Fashionable City Contest!

Good afternoon followers!
FCM is hosting a contest for most fashionable city! Send us a photograph of yourself in your fashionable city to After the top five photographs have been chosen, they will be posted in an album on the fan page. The top five photographs will be chosen by you; whichever photograph has the most “likes” wins the contest and will be featured in the September Issue! PLEASE make sure to actually “like” the photographs and NOT the album itself! We need a number! Thank you!

RULES: Photo must be hi resolution sized to be 8.5 inches x 11 inches with a resolution of 360 dpi. Tell us a little bit about your photo. What are you wearing? Tell us about the location. Make sure your style is trendy! Include accessories and handbags and we kindly ask: no pants please!

DEADLINE: Send us your photograph by Friday, July 13!

GOOD LUCK and have fun!!!

Jennifer Novoseletsky

Hip Chick Cosmetics Lip Talk Lip Balm

I must say as one of the first users of this lip balm I am impressed! With Vitamin E and gluten free flavor, this Hip Chick Cosmetics lip balm is a new favorite! Simply when applying the balm I can already feel the organic coconut oil sinking into my lips immediately. With a hint of shea butter, this lip balm also has a little cinnamon kick to it!

Lip Talk actually talks to you and makes you feel as though your lips are rejuvenating and craving more. This lip balm is not only good for you, but makes your lips feel fully refreshed and ready to go! Great to wear at home or on an outing! I am excited to buy my next tube for $5 at this website. The product comes out June 15th!

Jennifer Novoseletsky

Monday, June 4, 2012

Yunes Swathe Female Handbags

The Yunes Swathe brand creates some highly unique shaped handbags for women to wear casually or formally. Two feminine handbags in particular are called the Empire Bag and the Rich Bag. Both bags are made in New York using all natural cowhide leather. The interior of these bags are infused with a bright color creating a bold fashion statement. The color splash inside makes this bag perfect for spring and summer months!

The Empire Bag is inspired by the Empire State building, which explains the way it is shaped. The buckle of the straps and the triangular zippers are similar to the building and that is what makes this bag have high quality class. Aside from the unique look this bag has, it can be worn for a number of different occasions. Though meant for females, some males use it as a bag for storage. This bag can be used as a carry on in an airplane, or can be dressed up with some bold jewelry. The best feature this bag has is the coloring. The dark exterior and bright interior is beneficial to use during any season of the year!

Though the Rich Bag is geared toward men, women love to use this handbag for different occasions. The Rich Bag is not modeled after a building, but it does have an old-style look mixed with modern class. I like this bag because it can be used as a type of briefcase or a handbag for a professional business office. The bag is luxurious and can fit a significant number of items in it. Like the Empire Bag, the Rich Bag can be used year-round with its leather exterior and bright interior.

These unique bags are great conversation starters and are beneficial to use in everyday life. Yunes Swathe also created a nifty style guide that can be found here. The guide can help think of daily outfits that are great to wear with these handbags. Look out for the Yunes Swathe handbags featured in the July 2012 Super Heroine and Villainesses Issue!

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