Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fashion Chicago Magazine "One on One with Asian Celebrity Model Isabelle Du"

Fashion Chicago Magazine (FCM): Hi Isabelle thank for granting our magazine an interview.

Isabelle: Thanks for asking

FCM: When did you get started in the modeling business? Which fashion model inspired you? (Explain)

Isabelle: Actually, it started with winning a magazine cover model contest for East West Magazine. The cover was my first tearsheet ever and after that gigs started rolling in. When you have strong tearsheets in your book, you start to book bigger work. I don't necessarily have one fashion model that inspired me per se, but there are a couple of models out there I do look out for – like Chanel Iman, Rila Fukushima, Mo Wandan, Du Juan, Devon Aoki …most are ethnically mixed and are on the shorter end of the height spectrum because I feel like I could relate to them and plus, I would love to see more diverse faces in the mainstream industry.

FCM: I see you are 5'7" tall, what are the challenges that you face being shorter fashion model?

Isabelle: There's so many that I'm drawing a blank at the moment. I think the biggest challenge is to convince people, whether they're agencies, casting directors and clients, that you're still able to do the same job just as well as a 5'10" model. But I have come to realize that if they really like your look, the height really doesn't matter at all.

Kate Moss is 5'7" fashion model. What are your impression of Ms. Moss?

Isabelle: I've heard that she's shorter haha.

FCM: In your pictures, you photograph looking tall. What techniques do use to look tall in your pictures?

Isabelle: The obvious would be heels, of course. Pair them wisely with short shorts, skinny jeans and you'll add a few inches instantly in pictures without any real effort. Physique-wise, it's all about proportions. I may be short, but I'm proportionate so it translates well onto camera. Therefore, working out areas that need improvement and knowing what your best angles will also add to your height.

FCM: How do you change physical appearance in each photograph?

Isabelle: I can't take all the credit. Make-up, hair, wardrobe, styling and even the photographer take part in molding me.

Being a fashion model has given you the opportunity to travel throughout the world. What is your favorite city?

Isabelle: Bangkok, Thailand for sure! It's very modern and there's always something exciting going on. People are unbelievably friendly and the food is worth craving for. I went out pretty much every night and made some great friends that I still keep in touch with. I'll definitely be coming back.

FCM: Who are your three favorite fashion designers?

Isabelle: Alexander McQueen, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Anya Hindmarch for her bags

FCM: What beauty and skin care products are in your purse?

Isabelle: I always carry hand sanitizer because you never know when you might need it, Smashbox's lip enhancing gloss because it works your lips like a dream and like three different sunscreens, all SPF 50, to protect my skin from sun damage.

FCM: Isabelle, you have television production and casting experience. Do you plan on working in this area after your modeling career ends?

Isabelle: Actually, originally I wanted to do production and casting! I had internships with E!'s True Hollywood Story and MTV specifically for those departments. But I decided that modeling has an expiration date so I should pursue it while I can.

FCM: How do stay in great physical shape?

Isabelle: I'm not the best person to ask about this haha. Before, I would never ever work out. In fact, I would eat fast food everyday, I'm the poster child for McDonald's. BUT, since I've been abroad, I have been working out every day and swimming every day to keep my body toned.

Thank you for chatting with us. Fashion Chicago Magazine wishes you much success in your clothing boutique . Please keep us posted on any current fashion news. Thank you!

Isabelle: Thanks for having me. Bye!

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