Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bronze and Olive are the new Black for Fall 2011

Fashion Chicago Magazine (FCM) wants to give it’s readers the scoop on the hottest colors for Fall 2011. We all know that you can’t go wrong with basic Black. A girl has at least two Black dresses in her closet. But, in 2011, it’s an exciting new year . It’s time for an exciting new change. So I am going to look into my crystal ball. Predict which colors are gong to be hot. I will also give you a sneak peek on this colors in this article.

Bronze colors are in. This color exudes confidence when wearing it. As seen in this picture to the left, the underlying theme is Avant-garde and prevailing chic. Further, when Olive colors juxtaposed with shades of pale goldenrod is alluring.

Greenish yellow tones are also in. This color has an underlying theme of being romantically sensual. This color also is nostalgic. It is fused rhythmically with bold saturations of aquamarine and dark sienna. Copper flecks pop amidst soft patterns of royal blue velvet.

Now that you have the heads up on fall 2011 colors it’s time to go shopping to buy some new outfits to coordinate with your current wardrobe. These colors should provide lots of energy in the bleak Winter months. After sprucing up your wardrobe, you should not have a problem getting ready for the Summer 2012 which should be a scorcher.

Azhar Harris

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