Monday, July 23, 2018

Up Close with Victoria Barbara Montalvo

FCM-Thank you for granting Fashion Couture Magazine for the opportunity to chat us regarding  your career, fashion, and upcoming projects.

FCM- You have been described as Model, Fitness Guru and all-around Influencer. How do you multi-task all those positions?

Victoria Barbara Montalvo-Being a high profile influencer I have learned to manage my time more efficiently. I guess it comes with the territory.

FCM-Of your different jobs, which are you most passionate about?

Victoria Barbara Montalvo- I am an overall fitness fanatic. I am very passionate about healthy living and I share my passion with other influencers, friends and my fans. I believe in always trying to be a better version of myself.

FCM-You have gorgeous hair--do you mind giving us 1 tip on how you keep it so healthy and shiny?

Victoria Barbara Montalvo-The secret to my regimen is Alkaline water. I honestly think everyone should try it.  I drink it; I bathe in it and use to wash my face and hair to hydrate. I do not wash my hair every single day as it tends to make my hair dry. Organic shampoo and conditioner is highly encouraged.

FCM-Any upcoming projects you can share with us?

Victoria Barbara Montalvo- I am currently working on my fashion line which is set to launch the end of this year. I am also working on a “top secret” TV show with a big production company. I have collaborations with global brands and this requires me to do a lot of traveling.

FCM-What is your skin care routine? What’s in your Beauty Bag?

Victoria Barbara Montalvo- Alkaline Water is key. I live by it! I make sure my skin is hydrated to keep me looking fresh all day. My beauty bag? Moisturizer, hydrating serum, and sunscreen! And I only use Dr Kay’s beauty products. Her products are a must try! If you would like to connect, check her IG @beautybydrkay

FCM-What is something about you that fans might not know?

Victoria Barbara Montalvo-I have 6 fur babies!!!  I am so in love with them and they are my life!! I am very easy going and I respond to fan mails diligently.

FCM-As part of some very winning films and projects thus far, whom would you like to thank at this point in your career?

Victoria Barbara Montalvo- My sister, my “friend” and friends, my publicist! They are the ones who have been there and truly believe in me.  They support my vision and dreams.

Thank you so much for this amazing interview!!

                                                                       Fashion Couture Magazine

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