Friday, July 22, 2011

Here's a sneak peak of the August Issue Featured Event: The MakeUp Show-Chicago (2011)

Official Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) makeup artists
Asha Spacek, FCM writer (left), Reggie Wells (right) promoting his line, Hissyfit Clockpot
Reggie Wells takes photo with fan/consumer
Asha Spacek, FCM writer (2nd from left); Joanna Schlip, creator of RCK (2nd from right)
  • Explore our contributing event writer's favorite NEW Yves Saint Laurent products
  • Get up-close & personal, including a featured interview with celebrity makeup artist, Reggie Wells (yes, Oprah's Reggie)
  • Learn what "GO-TO" product A-List celebrities, stylists, and magazines worldwide (even Ms. Michelle Obama) use before they hit the spotlight ...and much more!
Visit, on August 1, 2011 for the full story.

See the fun FCM had, not only playing in makeup, but capturing the fashion forward artists behind our favorite fabulous faces.

To see Reggie's full easy-to-use Hissyfit Clockpot product line, go to:

Contributing event writer: Asha Spacek event photography: Conrad Castelo- UR Artists at

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