Monday, May 21, 2012

Dark Romance and Baroque Fashion for Fall Winter 2013-14

Getting deep ahead of the game to the 2013-14 fall and winter seasons, the trending fashion will include dark romance and baroque. Each of these styles is edgy and unique in their own two ways.

Fall and winter seasons are typically the seasons to wear dark colors. To add the romantic feel, these women feature mainly neckline outfits. Roses are a sign of love, and blend in beautifully to the dresses the models are wearing in the photo above. This fierce look gives off a dark tone that beautifies a woman in her own way. The best part of wearing dark and romantic clothing is the fact that accessories such as boots, gloves, and darker makeup come out during these seasons.

What I personally like about the baroque style is the fact that it portrays the Renaissance. I love what people wore way back before the 21st century and the fact that these women wear old fashioned patterns simply makes me jealous! I like to think of these patterns as a type of creation. Renaissance means "rebirth" and this style relates almost as if the 2013 and 2014 seasons are rebirthing that time period in fashion. The dark patterns and heavy clothing represent the fall and winter seasons and give a unique twist to current trends in the industry.

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Jennifer Novoseletsky

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