Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Most Fashionable City Contest!

Good afternoon followers!
FCM is hosting a contest for most fashionable city! Send us a photograph of yourself in your fashionable city to After the top five photographs have been chosen, they will be posted in an album on the fan page. The top five photographs will be chosen by you; whichever photograph has the most “likes” wins the contest and will be featured in the September Issue! PLEASE make sure to actually “like” the photographs and NOT the album itself! We need a number! Thank you!

RULES: Photo must be hi resolution sized to be 8.5 inches x 11 inches with a resolution of 360 dpi. Tell us a little bit about your photo. What are you wearing? Tell us about the location. Make sure your style is trendy! Include accessories and handbags and we kindly ask: no pants please!

DEADLINE: Send us your photograph by Friday, July 13!

GOOD LUCK and have fun!!!

Jennifer Novoseletsky

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