Saturday, September 12, 2015

Never Give Up on Chasing your Dream

Elaine Harris age 34 and mother of a 2.5 year old daughter decided to take a chance and enter Top Model UK 2014contest. With a background in sales and marketing and no previous modeling experience, she did not even think that she had a chance to win. But, this opportunity changed her life. For example, Elaine made it to the finals eliminating 4000 other contestants. She did not win the contest. But, the media was so compelled by her story with jobs beginning to flood her facebook fan page. Further, Elaine was given numerous magazine covers. Ms. Harris modelled for Swedish brand Thule for an international campaign covering Europe & America and for an Italian bag company Fullspot with the pictures being shown internationally as far as Australia. There was then an Aha moment when she realized that it was now or never in becoming a fashion model. Subsequently, Elaine decided to quit her sales and marketing position to pursue fashion modeling full time. 

Other accomplishments include her debuted at London Fashion Week and her success story was shared in many articles and on media sites in New York. Elaine made the
100 impact list' for 2014, for Scottish people who inspire, challenge us and change our world. Ms. Harris was ranked no. 65 in-between Brian Cox and Alan Cummings. Then she modelled for Honda Europe. She has also signed for new luxury boating company, Glider Yachts for 3 years as their face model. Elaine will be with the boat next month when it debuts in Monaco. On my return, she is starting as a blogger for the Herald newspaper about her adventures as a model. Elaine shared her story to inspire others to never give up on their dreams. Her life changed at blink of the eye. She is content pursuing her dream as a fashion model.

I am really excited about what the future holds, I have so many amazing projects in the pipeline and I am enjoying every minute of the whirlwind

Fashion Couture Magazine

Photography by Lawrence Juliussen

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