Monday, February 20, 2017

How to select the right color clothes?

All of us have some favorite color or th e other. Whatever color we pick to wear it clearly reflects on our personality. Clothes color and personality type are the two stuffs that speak a lot about a person. Following is a list that can help you select the right colored clothes that complement both red hair and dark eyes.

You will never be stuck just choosing black outfits for your entire wardrobe. Most people have extreme difficulty coordinating their color choice with their skin tone. This article provides a simple technique in choosing and understanding colors based on skin tone. Further, information is also provided on how certain color affect our personality. 

The information regarding colors is provided below as followed:

Research the right color clothes by divorcing yourself from your favorite colors.
Check out the color of your hair in the mirror. Brown? Red head? Or Dark Black hair.
Remove all traces of makeup
Look at your eyes in the mirror. Cat eyes? Chocolate brown eyes? Black berry eyes?
Know about the color of your skin. Are you fair, whitish or dark?
Now that you are armed with personally empowering information, start shopping.

Choose ivory, tans, beige, medium browns, violet blues and golden yellow colored clothes if you have strawberry blonde or light hair, brown eyes and a fair complexion. Choose earth tones if you are have red head, golden brown eyes and whitish color skin. It’s very important that you select clothes that go well with your body outlook. 

How colors affect your personality

The color red is a perfect choice if you want to make a distinctive fashion statement.
Peach and pink shades are indications of coolness and calm
The color black represents power. Black can simply sail in all functions
Blue is a color of warmth and trust. It’s a must for every man
The color yellow portrays a feeling of anxiety and alertness of mind.
Green represents freshness, relaxation and calmness
Brown is perfect for classy informal styling
Gray is a perfect indication that you are a balanced person.

                                                                          Fashion Couture Magazine

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