Thursday, September 11, 2014

SHANGHAI TANG: Idiom Innovation: #ChineseChic “East Meets West”

FCM: Shanghai Tang has become synonymous with Luxury and Style in China
Pioneer David Tang Wing-Cheung, creator of "Shanghai Tang" WILL become the the first global Chinese lifestyle brand. Did you know one has yet to exist? You are witnessing innovative fashion in the presence of 5,000 years Chinese tradition in the 21st Century, according to their founder.

A/W 2014 collections now available: Definitely East meets West style with a special focus on the elegance and charm of fashionable Shanghai in the 1930’s. In home furnishings, Shanghai Tang’s products emphasizes functionality- always integrating Chinese motifs into their design. And don't worry, according to the Shanghai Tang website, most orders are received within 5-7 days via DHL, at your door step from Hong Kong.

We can certainly see how Mister Wing-Cheung, along with Creative Director, Joanne Ooi are well on their way.

Shanghai Tang Fashion: combining elegance, comfort and vitality
The Shanghai Tang Story: “Time is the ultimate luxury”
By Fashion Couture Magazine

This Chinese lifestyle brand exploded on the scene in the mid 90’s. What I love about this

collection is how businessman turned fashion designer David Tang Wing-Cheung utilized the

influences of 5000 years in their culture as an inspiration for his collection. Further, the name

Shanghai Tang has become synonymous with Luxury and Style in China. This elegance in their

garments is inspired by the 1930’s. Shanghai Tang takes the elements of elegance, charm, and

vitality in each garment making it fashionable.

Shanghai Tang has a creative vision of being the brand ambassador of Modern Chinese chic

Fashion. Further, there mission is to invent the idiom of modern Chinese chic, and pioneer the

innovation of modern style to debunk preconceived notions of what Chinese style constitutes.

Also, we are dedicated to evolve our products in a more luxurious direction. They also use their

intuition to assist in their marketing strategy.

Shanghai Tang: #ChineseChic

Shop the current collection here

Story insert taken from Fashion Couture Magazine
blog post/copy by asha spacek

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