Thursday, March 12, 2009

Celebrity Hairstylists with Chicago Roots

Great hair is also a big part of fashion. Hair styles change with the times as does fashion. Our home base Chicago is one of the "hair-happening" places across the nation. All of these stylist have some Chicago tie. From styling Jessica Simpson to the first lady these celebrity hairstylists are making a big impact.

Kim Kimble, who's hometown is the Second City, styles divas like Beyonce. This down to earth hairstylist loves fashion and staying on top of trends. She combines these by being inspired by new fashion collections. On hair milestone she has not cross yet is runway hair, but we feel with her interest in Haute Couture she will do just fine.

Ken Paves, originally from Michigan has frequented the streets of Chicago many times while he was not in Hollywood performing his magic on celebrities: such as Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Catrall. Commonly known as one of the hottest hair dressers in Hollywood, Paves does much with his talent and fame. He believe everyone should have the hair they desire, and he achieve this by creating the hair care products, Flawless.

Last but definitley not least we have Rahni Flowers, a true Chicagoan at heart. He has owned his shop on East Huron for 21 years. Flowers has been styling Michelle Obama since she was in high school. He even tended to her hair thorough inaugration.

The famous, even celebrity hairstylists get their start somewhere. We are proud to have one of their stops be Chicago. FCM!

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