Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hot Bridal Hair

The dress, the flowers, the cake, the caterers, and the bridesmaids, the list goes on of things a bride must secure for her wedding. Another daunting task could be her hair. On this big day when everyone is staring at her, the hair must be stylish, and flawless. Here at FCM we make the decision easier with ideas of how to tackle the wedding day hair situation.

The first hair style is a classic updo. Women commonly choose updos for weddings because it provides a unique look that allows them to stand out, as they should. Done the right way an updo can produce a look of timeless style that radiates across the room. The classic updo ties in the back of the head, with the front hair brush back. This allows a tiara to be added if desired.

If you have great long hair, and what to show it off on your big day, you can. We have a look that allows just that. We part the hair down the middle, curl the hair into thick wavy locks; we add a floral tiara here since it adds to the look where a traditional veil might distract from it.

If your hair is a medium length, you can have a great look too. A great idea is to have small side swept bangs. Tease your hair to add some volume and allow the tresses to fall naturally, and then secure them in place with a pin. Add a veil in the back to hid the pins or use the ones that are the same color of your hair and that can be hidden.

With these tips and ideas your wedding day list gets a little easier to check off. Remember confidence is the key to pulling off any look. You are marrying the man of your dreams, so just rock your hair style and you will look amazing.

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