Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday's Trending Makeup Look

The weekend is over which means we are back to Monday! What a perfect way to start the week off with a natural look for this lovely sunny day. Either you are soaking up the sun or soon to be off work, the "natural look" would look best. Take these simple tips to end your Monday right. First you want to make your skin look as natural as possible by using an all over foundation. For your cheeks choose a pinkish brownish blush, that will soften up the look and add color. To create the eye look use a matte color eye shadow and blend the corner of the eye with a dark gray. Blending is key for this look so you can make it look smokey without having the eyes look very dark. You can apply the same eye shadow you used for the crease for your eyeliner. If you want to stand out use a white eye liner that will draw attention to your eyes. Lastly, use a nude pink to your lips and there you have your "natural look" of the day!

Denise Ferguson
Beauty Editor

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